Description:- Support your AppleCare colleagues around the world by asking questions about the AppleCare protection plan and other related support agreements – process maintenance requests with different internal tools. Maintenance contracts include updates DOP, Coverage/property transfer, etc.- The field and precipitating written and language requests for agreements and warranty issues to the relevant division. – Work with agents in Apple`s global contact centers to solve complex contract issues by phone and chat.- Document/journal support and problem-solving on a case-by-case basis with different tools.- Contact customers by phone or email and search for carefreeness. to help contracts.- Support Apple contracts, including APP, AC and other agreements.- Work from your home office with end-users and resellers to ensure a complete solution to our customers.- Be responsible for monitoring the daily workload.- Keep to a minimum the team production requirements set by management. – Track and report system problems that could result in customer luck or service production. To cancel your plan, contact Apple Support. It may be helpful to have the AppleCare agreement number, the serial number of the device that covers the plan, or your original sales document. To get the contract number and serial number, log in to My Support. Learn how to transfer coverage to an AppleCare deal. Call the AppleCare Agreement Administration by phone if you prefer to talk to an advisor about your transfer request. To facilitate your call, please inform the advisor that you need help registering an AppleCare agreement, but that you don`t need technical support.

Please also note that you indicate the required contract number, purchase document and serial numbers, as noted above. If your Apple hardware product is replaced by Apple or a reseller while it is still covered by an AppleCare agreement, you can request a coverage transfer to the new product. If you update your product, you can transfer coverage to the new product as long as the product that is initially covered by the agreement has been purchased within the last 30 days and the new product is the type that can be covered by the agreement. We work with geniuses – in every department, we create innovative products that will delight our customers and create new product categories – who else can say that? You can request the transfer of coverage by email, mail or phone.