26 (1) A tenant must pay rent if he is owed under the tenancy agreement, whether or not the landlord complies with the rental agreement, unless the tenant has the right, under this act, to deduct all or part of the rent. Landlords must use this form to obtain notice of termination if they wish to use the property in good faith or when a tenant lives in subsidized housing and is no longer eligible for subsidized housing. 12 Standard terms are the conditions of any lease (g) that a lease agreement may be transferred or that a rental unit may be sublet if the lessor`s consent has been unreasonably withheld in violation of paragraph 34, paragraph 2. (b) with respect to a fixed-term tenancy agreement that does not provide that the tenant will leave the tenancy unit at the end of the term of term, a rent resulting from paragraph 3 of Section 44 [as the end of a tenancy agreement]; (3) When the lessor and the tenant give each other the opportunity to plan a state check, they must take into account all the reasonable time constraints of the other party that are known and which affect the availability of that party to participate in the inspection. 100 (1) Sections 23 [Conditional Review: Beginning of Rent] and 24 [Consequences if reporting obligations are not met] of this Act do not apply to a landlord or tenant with respect to a tenant who started before January 1, 2004, except as indicated in the subsection (2). (d) require or accept more than a surety for damage to pets in relation to a rental agreement, regardless of the number of pets the landlord grants to the tenant on the dwelling; 46 (1) A landlord may terminate a tenancy agreement if the rent is not paid one day after the day it is due, declaring termination with effect to a day that has no more than 10 days after the day the tenant receives the notification. (3) A lessor may seek damages from a reluctant tenant for any period during which the surviving tenant occupies the rental unit after the conclusion of the tenancy agreement. Owners must use this form to provide notice of termination if the owner is planning major construction work or major renovations or repairs that require a draining of the appliance. 65 (1) Without limitation of the general power of attorney for Section 62 (3) [Management Authority for the Maintenance of Dispute Resolution Procedure], the Director may, if the Director finds that a lessor or tenant has not complied with the law, regulations or leases, make one of the following provisions: (g) a statement on the state of repair and general condition of flooring or windows , appliances, furniture, devices, power sockets and electronic connectors for the tenant`s exclusive use under the rental agreement; 3. If a dispute resolution application is made by a lessor or tenant within the prescribing period applicable under this Act, the other party to the dispute may, at the end of the applicable limitation period, but before the end of the dispute resolution process, make a claim for dispute resolution concerning a dispute between the same parties.

2 (1) Despite another order, but subject to Section 4 [to which this Act does not apply], this Law applies to leases, rental units and other real estate.