In our case, both parts of the agreement are companies. And our “establishment” is a fully functional and integrated team of IT experts working on a client project. Standard BOT contract can contain 12 pieces: It is famous for its incredible potentials and skills in the IT field, one of the world`s best professionals in the industry, and a growing number of startups, centers and a number of experienced developers. There are world-class business research and development centres and the information technology sector generates huge benefits for the country`s GDP. Mobilunity, located here, will help you grow your business, customize your business with a team of the best professionals available, and launch the development of one of your projects without turning away from your core work. So if you`re thinking about creating a BOT agreement, you know who you can talk to. In another bot importance, from Global Negotiator, Build Operate Transfer is the creation and management of a production facility or services for a specified period after the transfer to a local government. And it is mainly used to finance heavy or complex infrastructure projects in developing countries that cannot finance a project on its own. But as you can see, this definition is more a matter of international and interstate relations. Build Operate transfer contracts can be signed between companies and between countries. A Construction Transaction Transfer (BOT) is an agreement under which an investor commits to build, finance and exploit a certain infrastructure value (e.g. airport.

B, port, power plant, water distribution, etc.) for a specified period of time before transferring the value of the infrastructure to the government. The duration of such an agreement is generally long enough for the investor to re-take back the investment costs associated with building the infrastructure by applying a tariff or user fee during the period during which he operates the infrastructure. An example of this agreement is the contracts in which a state-owned supply company acts as a buyer and purchases electricity from a private facility. Under a traditional concession, the company would sell directly to consumers without government intermediaries. BOT agreements often set minimum prices that the buyer must pay. But all of these parts can be modified, transformed for the comfort of both parties or divided into several separate contracts. For example, the contract itself and an additional risk-sharing agreement. The same applies to the operation of the construction of transmission services.