CRYOVIVA BIOTECH PVT. LTD.129, Pace City -1, Sector-37, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, IndiaCall Us Tollfree No: 1800 3002 2796Helpline No.: (91) 9582844Email- [email protected] Based at Guru with networks in all towns of India, India, Cryoviva has spread beyond its shores to Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, and East Africa, making it the only Indian Cord Blood bank in international markets. Cryoviva operates in more than 15 countries with laboratories in India, Thailand and Singapore. Cryoviva is a highly accredited umbilical cord blood bank and has the following accreditations or certifications: At Cryoviva, each umbilical cord blood sample is treated to the best international standards and the following parameters are checked at the time of birth. Details of the test results are provided to each Cryoviva client in their conservation report. Characterization report (positive and negative), viability test, sterility, mycoplasma analysis, differentiation potential, endotoxin test, positive surface markers such as CD 105, CD73, CD44 – CD90, negative surface markers such as CD45, CD34, CD14, CD19 – HLA-DR, differentiation characteristics in osteoblasts, Adipozytes – Chondroblasten. All these tests are carried out at the time of the consultation, after approval by the relevant authorities in India and abroad. Cryoviva has successfully released 23 units of cryopreserved umbilical cord blood from its Indian plant to treat diseases such as acute lymphoid leukemia, major thalassemia, cerebral palsy and autism. Of the 23 publications, 4 were used for autologous therapy and 18 for allogeneic transplants. One of the samples was published at Duke University in the United States to participate in the FDA-approved cliical study for autism spectrum disorder (March 2019). Cryoviva offers several additional preventive health care: the quality of the cells and the viability of the collected umbilical cord blood sample are maintained optimally during transport with the help of UN3373-certified kits. The kit-box is carefully designed to meet the optimum temperature in accordance with regulatory and accreditation requirements while transporting collected umbilical cord blood samples.

The kit-box consists of thermocolmite .B. with hard cardboard exterior packaging according to international guidelines. The two frozen gel packets are used to reduce the blood pocket, which is in turn packaged with a 95 KPA packet, followed by an insulated film bag that ensures optimal temperature maintenance for 72 hours. The client receives a storage report containing all the details relating to the transport of his sample to our installation: temperature, cord blood volume, processing time, volume stored, temperature stored, etc. At Cryoviva, Cord Tissue undergoes a decontamination process and is stored directly in vials. Cord Tissue Stoage gives our customers once in a lifetime the opportunity to extract mesenchymic stem cells (MSCs) using our patented technology. Cryoviva uses explant cell culture method when a unit is released for processing. This will be offered at no additional cost if, in the future, a God-inseminated event occurs after the approval of government authorities in India and abroad. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Each box kit distributed by Cryoviva to its customers is UN3373 certified and contains all essential contents: Cryoviva uses Terumo penpol 150ml blood bags, which is sterile and can be used for umbilical cord blood test during section C delivery.