There is an additional complexity for the “immediate transmission” of the farms, which are considering an early withdrawal by the farm, as it is necessary to carefully integrate the mechanisms for retransmitting interest during withdrawal. Many agricultural agreements provide for a staggered yield process, whereby the increase in the percentages of farm assets can be acquired (and transferred) through the satisfaction of increasing commitments. The FJVA will enable sipa to accelerate exploration activities through increased expenditures and benefit from RTX`s technical expertise and potential operational synergies with RTX`s other operations in the Paterson area, including Winu copper and gold coverage 10 km west of the Paterson North project. RTX will provide expertise and funding, while Sipa will rehabilitate exploration activities in the initial phase of the farm-in. Parties to a proposed enterprise agreement should consider whether the agreement commitments should be met by the Farmee, which contributes to the farmer`s exploration activities, or whether the farm itself will carry out certain activities. The agreement will allow sipa to accelerate exploration activities by increasing expenses and benefit from RTX`s technical expertise. There are various contractual protections for major mining companies that grow assets that can be included in joint venture and farm in agreements. On the other side of the fence, the agreement must be carefully developed to allow sufficient flexibility for the land group, which could face financing risks/uncertainties. Documents must be carefully developed to clearly state which document predominates as soon as the farm deserves to be interested. Where possible, the parties should distinguish between farms and joint ventures.