Allowances for foreign services consist of two tax-exempt allowances, which are granted as an incentive for foreign services. The medical service provider (provider of medical services) is generally Health Canada or the provider appointed by the assistant director who provides medical services to an employee or a support creditor. Compatible education refers to an educational system that provides a curriculum and services that come into effect with programs and services that are usually free in Ontario schools, from junior kindergarten to the end of secondary education, taking into account the employee friendliness agreement. 41.1.5 When assessing the adequacy of health facilities or services, the Assistant Director must consider comparability with health care standards and the volume of professional care or services in Canada, the professional skills of physicians, the quality of post-operative care, cultural, social and political factors, and cost-effectiveness. OTTAWA, ONTARIO – This morning, the Professional Association of External Action Service Officials (PAFSO) and the Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance (TBS) officially signed the new collective agreement for the Foreign Services Group (FS). 9.1.4 Dental examinations, medical examinations and related hospitalizations, as well as the necessary specific examinations, must be performed in the manner prescribed by Health Canada in a Canadian government institution. In special circumstances, the Assistant Director may only authorize the use of a private agency if the medical service provider is unable to perform such examinations or if the Assistant Director believes that a private agency is more appropriate. 58.4.1 After completing 24 consecutive months of service under the SDF 2 – Definitions at one or more locations for which a post differential allowance is to be paid, the postal differential allowance to which a worker is entitled is increased by 50% on the basis of family configuration and post-rating level. Temporary service period refers to time spent on duty outside the service normally assigned by the service where the worker is assigned, and includes travel time from the post office to the temporary and return service.