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IP Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

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Access Control & Time Attendance

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Sistem Sensorësh për Mbrojtje Perimetrale

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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

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Intelligent & Automated Systems

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Common IT Solutions


Building and Optimizing IT Infrastructure

  • Designing and Planning IT Infrastructure
  • Designing and Planning Data Centers
  • Installing cabling system
  • Designing and Planning WiFi Systems
  • Expanding Actual Network

Instalim i Sistemeve Mbrojtës së Rrjetit

  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Wireless
  • Firewall
  • Identity Management

Installing and Configuring Servers & Storage

  • Instalim Server dhe hapësirës së të dhënave në hapësirën fizike ose virtuale (Virtualisation)
  • Sisteme replikimi dhe disaster recovery
  • Sisteme backup dhe restore
  • Migrim i shërbimeve dhe të dhënave
    parandalimi i rrezikut për rrjedhje e informacionit dhe të dhënave konfidenciale
  • Konsolidimi i shërbimeve IT

Network Protection and Performance Monitoring

  • Performance System Designing and Network Analysis
  • LAN/WAN/Wifi network installation (switching, routing, ID management)
  • Security and Operation Procedures
  • Installing Network Security Systems (firewall, IDP, cyber security )

Telephony Systems (IP & Analoge)

  • PBX Systems
  • Phone Billing Systems

Creating and Technical Training for Companies and Individuals (HelpDesk)

  • Technical support from phone, email or chat
  • Staff training for IT Systems
  • Keeping updated documentation regarding changes and new system functions

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